A Cabinet of Curiosities, a Dwelling Place Weekly Writing on Instagram as Multimodal Praxis

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Rebecca Conklin


This Instagram “Weekly Writing” assignment is a social-media-based, low-stakes, and longitudinal approach to teaching and experimenting with multimodal composition. Students create an account for the purposes of the class and follow each other. They post three times per week, sometimes freely and sometimes in response to a prompt or challenge. Together, we use the platform and its rich multimodal resources to consider how in-the-moment multimodal composing can spur invention, place the writer in the perpetual position of noticing, and create an archive of experience that holistically communicates beyond the author’s original intention. This article discusses the pedagogical rationale for this approach, along with the issues to consider before adopting and adapting this practice.

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Conklin, R. (2021). A Cabinet of Curiosities, a Dwelling Place: Weekly Writing on Instagram as Multimodal Praxis. Prompt: A Journal of Academic Writing Assignments, 5(2). https://doi.org/10.31719/pjaw.v5i2.78