Cartographic Composition Across the Curriculum Promoting Cartographic Literacy Using Maps as Multimodal Texts

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Joy Santee


This article introduces a flexible and adaptable Map Composition assignment to promote cartographic literacy. With applications to composition and writing across the curriculum, this assignment promotes students’ awareness of the rhetorical nature of maps, which is important as maps inform and influence public discourse on wide-ranging issues. Student work shows how composing a map can lead them toward improved rhetorical awareness, cartographic literacy, and engagement with place-based civic issues. The article acknowledges limitations of teaching maps in writing classes and concludes with discussion of how this assignment can be adapted to a range of courses to promote cartographic literacy in support of broader literacies and civic engagement.

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Santee, J. (2022). Cartographic Composition Across the Curriculum: Promoting Cartographic Literacy Using Maps as Multimodal Texts. Prompt: A Journal of Academic Writing Assignments, 6(2).