Socialization and Social Justice A Reflection on Teaching and Designing a Sociological Theory Course

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Keisha Goode


Students are often told that social justice is both the ideal and the reality to which they should be striving, and contributing to, as scholars and as citizens. However, they are often not given the space-and the challenge-to grapple with what social justice means to, and for, them. This paper shares the design of an upper level sociological theory assignment, Socialization as an Investigation of Social Justice Response Papers, that aims to do just that. The course units and theoretical texts are detailed, along with the response paper scaffold assignments, with special emphasis on a structured peer review process aligned with the assignment rubric. Now, having taught the course eight times to date, memorable student contributions to the course, along with an excerpt from the most memorable student response paper, are shared with the aim of inspiring faculty modification, particularly in the Social Sciences.


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Goode, K. (2022). Socialization and Social Justice: A Reflection on Teaching and Designing a Sociological Theory Course. Prompt: A Journal of Academic Writing Assignments, 6(1).